What’s A Copy Ninja?

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“The structure of language determines not only thought, but reality itself,” Noam Chomsky.

So… what’s a Copy Ninja? Good question. Hi, I’m Gary Rose, a Brighton-based writer, editor and fair-to-middling martial artist. The Copy Ninja is the alias I use for freelance copywriting assignments (as well as the occasional espionage contract).

As a copywriter, I can draw upon decades of experience to convey your message with clarity and precision, in a tone snugly tailored to your audience.

Why Hire A Copywriter?

Design, photography and copywriting are the cornerstones of branding. Sadly, these days a lot of us have a “that’ll do” attitude to the written word, and consequently we’re living in boom times for bad copy.

But, as my mate Noam Chomsky says, language shapes reality, and wisely-chosen words will give your company’s image as much of a boost as a well designed logo, professional photography and an elegant website.

Good copywriters not only understand the importance of grammar, tone and sentence structure, but they’re also students of demographics, psychology and cultural trends. What’s more, experienced copywriters are equally comfortable with a word count of eight as they are with 8,000. And their adaptability means they can transition, chameleon-like, between “fun” and “business” modes of speech.

What I Do

I like getting my teeth into all categories of copy conundrum: print, the web, advertising, press releases, promotional material, business marketing… And because I’m newly freelance (after many years of full-time magazine work), I can offer you non-budget-busting prices.

If required, I’ll also give advice on graphic design, website construction, basic SEO and social media management for new businesses. I’m happy to do this at no extra cost.

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The Copy Ninja Mission

Despite the playful name, the Copy Ninja’s mission is a crucial one: to capture your voice and use it to sculpt cliché-free words that will engage, inform, enable and entertain (delete as appropriate) your readers.

Of course, tone is all-important. My default mode is “informal and humorous” but, as a ninja, I can throw my voice into any style. Lyrical and poetic; sharp and direct; authoritative and informative: they’re all in my dressing-up box of techniques.

See the About Me page for a more detailed description of my work and my history.